A study of the style and linguistics of Ibn Ashour in his interpretation Tahir va Al-tanvir (Surat Al-kahf as an example


We have done our best for those who want to master the challenge through the interpretation of Ibn Ashour. He finds a clear and easy way, which expresses in short and fine terms and shows us the most precise and superior aspects of the challenge of the Holy Qur'an, which came as a summary. The task of research, collection, and study. The study came in the form of a vague statement in its interpretation. It is a problem that expresses the abstract and the short, and it speaks of the rhetorical, grammatical and descriptive methods and its application to the Quran in important research in the examination of the challenges, but we did not find any of the scholars to throw Highlight this research in a special way B Alكmat and Aljmlat Bhكl and accurate summary, and on which to read the interpreted needs to focus Many. The importance of this topic is from the direction of the miracle of the Koran and its distinct from the words of human beings, and the distinction that he invested all the potential of the language and blew the maximum capacity came in ways very eloquent