Dalit Ali ibn Isa Al-Arabli in praise of Imam Ali Al-Hadi, (PBUH), is a stylistic approach


The history of mankind is full of successive events and developments, it abundantwith human role models and greats, including the personality of Imam Ali Al-Hadi(PBUH).In front of this character poets sought in their blogs to highlight its qualities andvirtues. Among them the pride of the Shiites and crown of Sharia, reviving the effectsof the virtues and virtuons. who included in his knowledge of literature / poetry sofunny admitted his creative near and far, I mean Bahauddin Abu Hassan Ali bin Isa binAbi Arbil Conquest (d. 692 H).We are here in these papers trying to exploit this creative possibility in hispoetry in which he was unable to express the intentions in his chest, nor edit the viewsof his existing thought, we had this short pause in the selection of a poem from hisoffice, which is a sign in praise of Imam Ali Hadi(PBUH), and try to reveal theirstylistic manifestations In light of this, the research plan required to be divided intothe introduction and three detectives worked. The first section deals with the phoneticlevel of the Dalia poem. the second section include the structural level. As for the thirdsection, it deals with semontic level. the conclusion includes the important results ofthe resea.