James Baker and the Arab-Israeli Peace Conference at Madrid 1991


‎The Conference of Madrid was held on Oct30 1990 after efforts exercised ‎by the American secretary of state James Baker through eight tours of ‎negotiations in the Middle East.During his tours, Baker visited Israel and a number of Arabic stales involved directly ‎or indirectly in the struggle.The success of Baker’s efforts was attributed to some factors ‎the Most important of which is the conditions undergone by the region after the Iraqi ‎invasion of Kuwait on, 1990 which led to a ease of dissipation in the dismantle of the ‎Arabs’ attitudes . Another factor could be the dismantle of the soviet Union which hue ‎led to America’s insulation on the global level Finally ‘ Baker’s political experience ‎enabled him to persuade the parties involved in the struggle to take part in the conference.