Indicators of Job Analysis of Health Services in Salah Al-Din Governorate For The Year2018


This research aims to evaluate health services in Salah al-Din Governorate from a geographical perspective, by analyzing the efficiency of health services in the districts of Salah al-Din Governorate in urban and rural areas based on the most important digital criteria and indicators used to measure the efficiency of health services performance and to diagnose the deficiency in this service in terms of number of the buildings and the number of medical and professional personnel in these buildings. Urban geography has been interesting for studying community services in general, and health services in particular and have received increased attention by researchers, as a result of the increasing human needs for these services, especially after the development of modern technologies used in providing them, and it is one of the basic measures to know the development and progress of societies through their qualitative and quantitative efficiency. Therefore, health services should be distributed in a manner consistent with the population increase and to be in the appropriate place, since the increase in the size of the population continuously generates great pressure on these services and reduces the efficiency of their performance, and as a result of the population increase witnessed by the governorate, which led to pressure on health services in terms of quantity and quality. The number of health institutions and centers are far from the planning criteria, including the size of the population, the extent of influence, the appropriate location, the necessary medical equipments, the space and the efficiency of the workers.