The impact of terrorism on human rights - a comparative study between the international conventions and Islamic law


Abstract :- If the international conventions have ensured a statement of human rights and gave it great importance, the problem is not in the identification of these rights, but is in violation of such rights to the arena of reality as revealed practical experiences of widespread abuse and dangerous of these rights not only in third world countries, but in the States the developed world too, and if terrorism is the main culprit and the first to commit these violations and is responsible for the confiscation of more than a human right,Strange to say, violate those rights within democratic societies which carry the banner of human rights in all their actions and allow itself under this hair Adlol intervention in the affairs of the other, it felt forth the entire world traje Alapadrh collective committed by the West against the Muslims of Bosnia and perpetrated by Russia in the right the Chechen people and the world can not forget the crimes of apartheid that was committed against black people in the United States merely because of skin color, not only Western countries to violate these rights in their people, but moved to third world countries, and especially Arab and Islamic countries carrying the banner of freedom and equality bested those countries and took control over their lives and kept the totalitarian regimes, We will discuss in this paper the concept of human rights, whether in Islam or in the international Ahdat adopted by all countries in the world and then gets into the concept of terrorism and its impact on human rights through Mbgesin: The first topic the concept of human rights First demand Human Rights in Islam The second requirement of human rights in international covenants The second part, means the impact of terrorism on human rights First demand attempts to define terrorism The second requirement of terrorism in Islamic law and international law The third requirementways the impact of terrorism on human rights,and God grants success.