Data Management via QR Code Using Android Smart Devices


Smart devices have become one of the most important facilities in managing the data in theorganizations recently. In this research, Android Application has been developed with takingadvantage of Quick Response codes technology for storing different types of data (ex:documents, goods or employees) within organizations, and retrieving it on demand on the smartdevice screen or sharing it to other devices as Excel reports. Discussion of the studyassumptions, delimitations, and limitations resulted in developing several approaches fortackling the process of generating unique QR codes representing the items in the organizations,in addition to developing a QR code reader by making use of the camera in the smart device.Office goods have been chosen in this research project as a data sample. Based on theexperiments, the findings have proven that QR code technology is highly useful in the datamanagement process, for storing and retrieving information within smart devices, showing ahigh response speed and accuracy.