Problems paternity in Tyre and hypotheses artificial insemination comparative study in law and Islamic law


AbstractThe means of artificial insemination were event and still several Islamic ,legal and social problems in a relationship of baby from the parties of artificial insemination .there are deference between Islamic and legal jurisprudence for artificial insemination.althouth there are agreement that artifical insemination in during of marrige is legal and a relationship of baby is evidence from the father and mother .but this means is took part after the death or devorce of husband does a relationship of baby is evidence ? and all jurisprudence are agreement on prevent of ar tifical insemination unmarried but they were divide in several opinions to relationship of baby ,some of them regarded the commissiong father is the father and others regarded the baby has not father and others arranged government of adopted . but the deference between them was committee in artifical insemination by womb has to woman ,the commissioning father of baby at some jurisprudence or the husband of commissioning mother is the father at other or husband of womb leasing is father and the deference about the mother of baby. Some of them regarded the commissioning mother is mother ,other regarded the womb leasing is the mother and others regarded the both are the mother . but if the womb is an animal ,a father of baby is commissioning father and commissioning mother is mother and the same like in artificial womb.