Energy Saving in Batteries Using the Photovoltaic System


Photovoltaic panels are used to generate electricity directly or indirectly. in the case of indirect, the energy should be saved in batteries and then it can be used and in this case, the inverter is required to change the direct current of the batteries(DC) to operate alternating current(AC) loads. This paper concentrates on saving energy in batteries and investigating the process of charging and discharging the batteries to operate selective loads in the paper. Using the photovoltaic panels to store energy in batteries, the results reveal that one photovoltaic panel of( 80 W) is placed towards south at a tilt angle of 36o; it could generate (224 of energy that was obtained by charging a( 65 lead-acid battery for 13 hours in April. Using two solar panels each of( 80 W )is connecting parallel,( 915.6 of energy generated in May while using three units in parallel connection the electricity generated was near to that of two panels as the battery reaches nearly the full charge. Ambient temperature rise harms solar panels and leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the solar panel.