The right of the Iraqi child to education and the impact of technological progress on him


: We evaluate different nations for the purpose of determining their place on development map. Teaching comes before all the aspects that require measuring. Teaching is a vehicle that pictures the development characteristics for developed countries. Teaching is one of the rights of economic, social and cultural. It is one of the collective rights that violation of it has visible impact on the individual and society.In general term, the right to learn is one of the fundamental rights that all international and regional conventions has signed and ratified. These international conventions are an interpretation of what has been said in the Islamic Legal Jurisprudence. In important aspect, the Iraqi legislators in 2005 Constitution has emphasized on the right of child to learn. This is because of important role that education plays in developing nations. In addition, education sector by valid legal provisions is regulated. One of the prominent objectives of this study is to seek attention for importance of this right for children and work towards removing obstacles and challenges that all Iraqi children face when implementing this right.