Requirements Alhardshab and its impact on the amendment of international contracts


The international contracts, are inherently time whether contracts with the implementation of a continuous or periodic. To the extent that stretch with the times as far as possible the circumstances have changed. These conditions may result from an act of nature, or caused by the forces of man-made, and whether these conditions are not unexpected or unpredictable, it will temporarily stop execution of the contract or impossible to implement, at best lead to unbalance the economy of the contract. . On this basis, economists are keen traders to take into account the control of the fate of the international contracts and not left to such circumstances, to resort to techniques that address the impact of legal changes that can occur after the conclusion of the contract. Among the most important requirements Al hard ship, as requirements to pay the parties to negotiate and maintain contracts, and that these requirements governing the audit of the contract when he spoke of the vagaries of economic conditions, The implementation of the commitment remains possible and not impossible, but became exhausting or weighing the debtor and the threatened loss of heavy beyond the limit of the ordinary.