Modified AES Algorithm Based on a New Chaotic System


Abstract:The vast using of digital images in various areas such as military, commerce and others requires that the security of images transmitted over communication networks and the internet must be well-preserved. One of the most secure algorithms is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. However, this algorithm has a number of drawbacks, such as pattern appearance problem and very slow when used directly for encrypting images. This paper proposes a new modified of AES using a new chaotic system with three-dimension (3D) to make it suitable for images encryption. The chaotic sequence generated from the new chaotic system has been used as key in modified AES to overcome the problem overcome the problem of the key is unchanged in the entire encryption process in original AES and MixColumns operation is removed, since it consumes very long time in comparison to other operations, resulting in a great reduction in encryption and decryption time and improve the security level of AES algorithm as observed in the experimental results.