Remote Patient Healthcare Surveillance System Based Real-Time Vital Signs


Today many people suffering from health problems like dysfunction in lungs and cardiac. These problems often require surveillance and follow up to save patient's health, besides control diseases before progression. For that, this work has been proposed to design and develop a remote patient surveillance system, which deals with four vital signs (temperature, SPO_2, heart rate, and electrocardiogram ECG). An adaptive filter has been used to remove any noise from the signal; also, a simple and fast search algorithm has been designed to find the features of ECG signal such as Q, R, S, and T waves. The system performs analysis for medical signs that are used to detected abnormal values. The acquire data from different sensor are sent to the Base-station if it have some medical issues, otherwise new data window are taken for analysis. In addition, it generates an alarm to the physicians via ringing up mobile and SMS to overcome the internet disconnected. The system has been designed to achieve precision, small size, and low energy consumption. Three types of sensors have been used in this work, ECG, SPO_2, and temperature sensors. Also, a sim800L GSM module has been used for communications, the main controller in this work is ESP32 unit.