New Formula for Negative Beta Decay Energy in the range


In this research the negative beta decay energy has been determine for light, medium, and heavy nuclei (even – even, even – odd, odd – even and odd – odd), which their atomic numbers are from . An equation of the negative beta decay energy was derived in terms of the nuclear binding energy of the parent and daughter nuclei instead of the mass difference between them as it known. After making the conceptual derivations, the Liquid Drop Model (LDM) was used to calculate the decay energy, which results in agreement with the experimental and theoretical values. With this, a new and general formula for negative beta decay energy ( ) was achieved. The statistical relationship of standard deviation and root mean square deviation have been used to determine the reliability of this model to determine the negative beta decay value. The results showed that there is an acceptable agreement between the experimental and theoretical values, especially for medium and heavy nuclei, and less acceptable in light nuclei due to the presence of magic numbers and their interference in this spectrum of beta particles.