Environmental pollution of solid waste and methods of managing it Study in Ramadi Municipality Case


The current research aims at finding out how to properly and correctly manage waste and solid waste and reduce the difficulties faced by all countries. However, it is becoming increasingly acute in developed cities because their economies are growing rapidly. It is necessary to identify the modern methods used in developed countries in managing wastes. The use of modern waste management techniques is a coordinated effort by international agencies within the borders responsible for them. The problem of the study can be identified in the lack of clarity of environmental management procedures in place. The importance of the research contributes to providing greater capacity to the administrative and technical leadership in the municipality of Ramadi to identify suitable means for solid waste management and correct treatment which is a reason to preserve the environment from pollution. In order to complete the requirements, it is necessary to delve into the actual reality of the Municipality of Ramadi. The questionnaire was designed and prepared for this purpose. Four main factors included methods and methods of waste treatment to include sources of reduction from the source, and the means of screening and recycling will review energy and the implications of the questionnaire health effects and economic and social impacts. A number of Arab and foreign studies and research related to the research variables were used. In order to analyze the statistical data on the study variables and test their hypotheses, the Microsoft Office Excel 2013 was used to clarify the profiles of the respondents.. The study reached a number of conclusions, including the weak environmental awareness of the citizens of this city in using modern environmentally sound means to deal with solid waste generated. Lack of specific and pre-determined criteria by the municipality in how to distribute bags and containers of waste to residential areas. The random path of garbage collection mechanisms has not been chosen as the ideal and economic route. There are no symposia or programs to raise the awareness of the population, so as to recognize the seriousness of pollution generated from solid waste. Recommendations for the successful use of modern methods in solid waste management need to provide the allocation of the necessary financial resources and the human potential for self-management of solid waste. Developing the environmental awareness of the individual and society, and paying attention to studies and research in the areas of recycling and reuse of some household waste that can be used again