Application of Multi-Objective Optimization on the basis of Ratio Analysis (MOORA) Method


The paper aims is to solve the problem of choosing the appropriate project from several service projects for the Iraqi Martyrs Foundation or arrange them according to the preference within the targeted criteria. this is done by using Multi-Criteria Decision Method (MCDM), which is the method of Multi-Objective Optimization by Ratios Analysis (MOORA) to measure the composite score of performance that each alternative gets and the maximum benefit accruing to the beneficiary and according to the criteria and weights that are calculated by the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The most important findings of the research and relying on expert opinion are to choose the second project as the best alternative and make an arrangement according to performance and the combined degree obtained by each alternative. The researchers also reached the possibility of applying the model to solve various problems (MCDM), especially in cases where it is Standards are conflicting in further research.