Polarization And selection of human resources And their role in achieving organizational commitment (Analytical study on a sample of staff of the University of Kufa)


Abstract:-The purpose of this research to identify the relationship of attracting and selecting human resources on organizational commitment, The questionnaire was relied on as a tool for statistical analysis and the private colleges in Najaf province were chosen as a field of study and statistical programs were used to extract the results The study reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that there is a correlation and significant effect between the process of polarization and selection of human resources and the extent of achieving organizational commitment in the study sample A number of recommendations have been reached which recommend the need to exercise caution and vigilance in the process of recruitment and selection of appropriate human resources, because of their significant role in achieving organizational commitment among employees, which reflects on their performance and achieve the goals of the organization.keywords: Polarization, organizational commitment, normative commitment, emotional commitment, continuous commitment.