Enhancement soft tissue healing by using platelets rich plasma in rabbits


Objective: the study was carried out in an attempt to find out the effects of 0.05 ml of autologous ofplatelet rich plasma on traumatic skin injury.
Materials & methods: sixteen male rabbits were used & divided into two group according to killing after trauma in to group A after 1 day & B. after 4 days each group subdivided in to control & experimental. The skin wound induced traumatically by blade 1cm length & 2mm depth in the skin of rabbit's back, the experimental wound filled with 0.05ml of autologous PRP, while the control wound left for normal healing. The wound was dressed for one day.
Result: platelet rich plasma (PRP) showed marked angiogenesis, granulation tissue formation, histological examination of biopsies revealed difference in the rate of healing process between the control & experimental groups platelet rich plasma (PRP) showed significant enhancement of healing.
Conclusion: platelet rich plasma (PRP) accelerate the soft tissue healing
keywords: platelet rich plasma (PRP), healing, growth factors