Quality Standards Scout Comprehensive in terms of Scouting Culture of Leaders Advanced Scout teams in some provinces of Iraq


This research is based on the introduction and the importance of research. The clarity of the objective leads to ease in the investigation of the rise of cost. This should be adopted by the educational leadership as a basic and strategic objective to achieve in a scientific way that ensures reaching these future goals, and that the integration and high consistency between all these makes the Scout movement at the highest level of it and therefore came targets.The problem of research is summarized in the relationship between the quality of the Scout and the scout culture of the advanced Scout teams. What is the contribution of scouting culture to the overall scouting quality? Is it possible to predict the overall Scout quality in terms of scouting culture? The second section examines the overall quality of the scout and its international standards as well as the scout culture of the Scout leaders. Descriptive in the style of associative relations and solving the problem of research. The fourth section contains the presentation of the results, analysis and discussion of the results of the statistical characterization of the distribution of the search variables Scout culture and the comprehensive quality criteria Scout: through which the achievement of the objectives of the research.