Single Beam Measurements of a Sony SVGA Liquid Crystal Spatial light modulator


In this work, non-linear optical properties of a Sony SVGA liquid crystal spatial light modulator sample are estimated by utilizing a single beam Z-scan technique with He-Ne laser at 632.8 nm. It was found that the magnitude of non-linear refractive index (NLR) is (0.694×10-7 cm2/mW) with a positive signal, demonstrates a self-focusing phenomenon, while the magnitude of non-linear absorption (NLA) for this sample is (0.0101×10-1 cm/mW), the pure magnitude of the NLR is (0.138×10-5 cm2/mW). These results are compared with past investigations in various liquid crystals types. The obtained results showed that the sample have a high ability of originating optical limiters, switches, and modulation gadgets.