The Basic Conflict:Presentation and criticism


The research is based on the third rank in the triple division that the fundamentalists mentioned at the beginning, when they said the Muslim, the infidel, and the sinner in the ranks of faith, and the Mu’tazila when they said the status between the two positions, and grammarians followed it later in their studies. The goal was belong to take care to find a third section between Islam and Infidelity, as the same the grammarians did they were interested in finding third section. The definite noun and indefinite noun between them is a step arranged in the pure definition, as well as in denial. Ibn Jinni (d. 392 AH) adopted this idea, and said that the ruling is between the two rulings, and that the ruling is permissible to explain the ruling by two reasons, and he allocated a chapter for him in “characteristics”. From here the idea of research appeared, and I followed its material in the sources and researches, and I picked up its echoes from the pens until I gathered in large fragments, and I had huge windows open, then a breeze leaked from the facilitation and found my obsession with a breathing room to relate to. The tracing has guided me to places in grammar that are disputed by two rules at the same time, and I saw that I call this phenomenon the basic conflict, and this term is inspired by the terminology of grammarians in a conflict working on an action. Based on this, the research will be divided into two parts: the first is the grammatical conflict, which is well known, but I will present it briefly under the title (The concept of syntactic conflict, original approaches), with new glimpses that appeared after my examination of what was written about it, and the second is the core of the research related to the basic conflict and its manifestations in grammar, morphology and reasoning There is a so-called “explanatory conflict”.