Adaptation contracts for preparation of legal software


De rapid technological development in today's world to invent new ways to enter into contracts that were not known by Kaltaaked via the Internet and therefore, the legislator to keep pace with the tremendous development in this area, legislation multi-dealing law of electronic commerce and electronic signature after what turned into world markets to large markets to meet the contractors remotely without that there will be no impact to their geographical locations Vipadlon legal transactions in a way more affordable than traditional methods which showed the legal terms were not already exist, such as electronic contract and arbitration-mail and liability of electronic and e-government and e-mail and the bonds of electronic and electronic piracy and terrorism-mail and electronic warfare and other terms of the brother.that many problems in adapting these contracts are associated with a lack of specialized resources as well as the failure to address contracts for the preparation of computer programs and the lack of a legislative topic of judicial applications as those applications the mirror that reflects the reality of the study.These problems and difficulties surrounding aspects of the subject matter of research and is marked with (air-conditioning contracts for the preparation of legal computer programs) did not cut off the hope of our souls to discuss this issue hope to access to legal consequences