The Role of agricultural development in foreign trade in selected developing countries for the period 1995-2015 (comparative study)


Agricultural development is defined as an integrated process that aims at providing food requirements and opportunities of work as well as increasing agricultural revenue and living standards of people. It is closely connected with foreign agricultural trade especially in terms of exports which is the basic recourse of providing foreign currency to the country .The study hypothesizes that the reality of agricultural development in the selected developing countries reflects in various influences on the development of foreign agricultural trade. In order to verify the hypothesis of the study ,three developing countries have been chosen as a sample of the study namely (Egypt, Morocco and Syria ). The influence of the independent variables that represent the agricultural development of agricultural exports and imports has been calculated in these countries for the period(1995-2015). Time series data have been used in estimating the phenomenon under discussion as an indicator of the resulting changes in agricultural trade. In this study, some conclusions were reached. The most important ones of which are:Agricultural development effectively contributes to foreign agricultural trade through the connection between them and that is a means to encourage agricultural investment and increase agricultural exports as well as decrease of indicators of Agricultural sector performance in the sample countries. This led to increase values of its agricultural imports which increases its debts and deficit in the general balance . The most important recommendations are: