The role of digital marketing in managing the organization's relationship with customers A field study of a sample students of the Technical Institute in Kirkuk


In light of the great acceleration and the increasing intensity of competition witnessed by higher education institutions, including the Technical Institute in Kirkuk, these institutions are increasingly trying to find out how they can create relationships with customers through which they achieve distinction over their competitors, and therefore the aim of the research is to identify the relationship between digital shopping in managing the company's relationship With clients, the research model and its hypotheses were built based on the research literature, as well as previous studies were used in the development of research measures, and a questionnaire was designed to collect research data, where 100 questionnaires were distributed, and to ensure the degree of reliability in the data, the Crown Bach alpha test was used, and an SPSS analysis To the results of the study, the research reached a set of results, the most important of which are the weakness of the culture of electronic dealing, and some producers' neglect of proposals, and customer complaints.