Environmental Performance Evaluation According To The Criteria Of The Environmental Sustainability Prize For The Emirate Of Ras Al Khaimah-A Case Study In The Babel Municipalities Directorate


The research aims to identify the extent to which municipal institutions apply environmental sustainability standards in the process of evaluating their environmental performance. The criteria contained in the Environmental Sustainability Award issued by the Environment Protection and Development Authority in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah have been used, and they are relatively recent awards, it was established in 2019. It was chosen due to the similarity of the cultural and social customs of the peoples of the region. The descriptive and analytical approach was adopted, and the questionnaire was used, depending on the criteria contained in the award, to collect information, in addition to interviews and official documents, to know the levels of application of standards in municipal institutions and to learn the principles of environmental sustainability. The questionnaire was judged by a number of arbitrators with environmental jurisdiction, The research community is represented by the Babylon Municipalities Directorate, and the intentional research sample was represented by workers in the environmental field and gardens in Al-Hashimmya and Al-Qasim municipalities, with (112) samples. The data were analyzed using the statistical program (SPSS V.23), the use of statistical methods such as the arithmetic mean, the standard deviation, and the coefficient of variation, and the use of (simple Pearson correlation) to calculate the structural validity and the use of the (Cronbach's alpha) scale to measure the stability of the questionnaire questions, And the use of the One-Sample T-Test for one sample to test the study hypotheses. the conclusions of the research, the researched organization had a weak correlation with environmental sustainability standards in its environmental performance, and that there is a role for municipal institutions in achieving environmental performance indicators using environmental sustainability standards, but at low rates for various reasons. Recommendations and proposals that the researcher found is appropriate in enhancing the capabilities necessary to avoid or reduce the problems.