The Determinants Of The Cash Leakage Phenomenon In Iraq An Analytical Study For The Period (2004-2018)


This study aims to analyze the phenomenon of cash leakage outside the banking system and to know the extent of the influence of the factors that determine this phenomenon that has been increasing in recent times. The most important conclusions were reached. Weakness of financial inclusion indicators in Iraq due to the weakness of the financial and banking services access index, which represent the requirements for financial inclusion. In addition to the lack of banking awareness and confidence among individuals, which led to their retaining currency outside the banking system. As a result of the decrease in banking, awareness among individuals transaction with banks will decrease. The study recommended the adoption of a national strategy to enhance financial inclusion that addresses the obstacles facing the application of financial inclusion and to benefit from international experiences in developing this strategy to reach digital financial inclusion, especially in recent times with the outbreak of the corona pandemic and the desire of individuals to move towards using electronic wallets and smart device applications in conducting daily transactions.