Comparative Study of the Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties for Different Iraqi Heavy and Light Crude Oils


Iraqi crude oil has some of the physical and chemical characteristics that distinguish it from other types of oil crudes in the world. Some of these features such us molecular composition, rheological, viscosity and emulsions are studied carefully by researchers. In this work, a comparative study of the linear and the non-linear optical properties for typical heavy and light Iraqi crude oil samples was studied utilizing the Z-scan technique. The He -Ne laser of wavelength 632.8 nm had been used for this purpose. These samples were collected from Basra and Kut oil fields. The values of the non-linear refractive index (n2), non-linear absorption coefficient (β), and third-order electrical susceptibility (χ3) were estimated respectively. All the samples have a negative refractive index with high nonlinearity. The obtained results will be helpful for researchers who work in the field of oil industries.