Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: Improving the Outbreak Readiness and Response in Camp Settings


The coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has accounted for the jeopardizing the health care delivery system and exposure ofthe lack of preparedness and emergency response plan. If this is the status of the general population, it is difficult to imagine the outcome ofthe outbreak for population groups who are living in camps or similar settings due to an ongoing humanitarian emergency. Acknowledgingthe specific and unique needs of the vulnerable population groups living in camp settings, guidelines have been formulated to improve thereadiness and response action to the potential outbreak of the disease. This is the need of the hour as it will aid in reducing the probability oftransmission of infection, early identification & provision of appropriate treatment to the infected people, strengthen the risk communicationmechanism to provide trustworthy information, and will also guide in implementing a multi-sectoral response to the viral infection. In conclusion,in the fight against COVID-19 outbreak, it is the responsibility of the health stakeholders to ensure that the outbreak readiness and responsestrategies should be extended to the vulnerable population groups who are living in camp settings due to an ongoing humanitarian emergency.