The influence of innate matters on religious knowledge


The influence of innate matters on religious knowledge is one of the important topics in the study of innate matters and religious knowledge. In this article, we try to show the position of innate matters in religion, and their effect on religious knowledge. In order to get to this goal, we first discussed the concepts and explained the basic terms used in this topic, besides supplementary topics related to these concepts. After that, we explained our viewpoint on innate matters and general topics relevant. Then, we discussed the impact of innate matters on religious knowledge in an analytical, rational approach. However, in order to show the necessary introductions or to support the content of the study, we, sometimes, made use of quotations. In this study, we have got to some results that knowledge knowledge by presence of God and knowledge of religion - in the points that can be proved - can only be achieved through innate knowledge. We have also got that innate sciences and tendencies related to religious teachings can play the most important role in having faith in religion and in religious beliefs, acting according to religion, and reaching ethical perfection that is religiously recommended.