Analysis of financial market performance indicators/An analytical study of the Iraq Stock Exchange for the period 2009-2018


Our contemporary world has witnessed in recent years an increasing interest in stock markets, whether developed or developing, due to the role that these markets play in the field of economic life. The largest part of the country's resources are directed to these markets as the vessel through which these resources are directed towards economic activities. Iraq is one of the countries that realized the importance of these markets and their importance stems from their functions, as they are the link between financial and economic institutions, but even individuals who have savings and investment projects. After the analysis and study, a number of results were reached that reflected the indicators of the Iraq Stock Exchange, a decline in most of these indicators, especially after the security deterioration in 2014. A number of recommendations were also recommended, including on the Iraq Stock Exchange to provide adequate and up-to-date information through bulletins and periodicals. Enhanced by graphs and charts that show the price trends of securities traded in the market,which gives investors a clear picture of market trends.