Customer relationship management and its contribution to enhancing marketing quality: An analytical study of the opinions of a sample of restaurant managers in the Kurdistan region


The research dealt with the issue of customer relationship management and its contribution to enhancing the marketing quality, so it tried to present a clear vision in the theoretical side and clear answers in the field side regarding its variables, as the study was adopted in its field framework after managing customer relations as an independent dimension, while the approved dimension represented the marketing quality. Due to the vitality of the concept of customer relationship management as the main pillar of any organization, especially service organizations, the researcher chose this topic and tried to employ it in restaurants by creating a suitable environment that encourages customers to repeat their visits to restaurants more than once, and in order to establish long-term relationships with them. The research aimed to analyze the nature of the relationship and the impact between the customer relationship management with its elements, and the marketing quality in some first-class restaurants in the Kurdistan region, and the research problem focused on a number of questions, including: What is the nature of my impact relationship and the link between customer relationship management and the marketing quality in restaurants? In an effort to develop initial solutions and treatments for the research problem, several hypotheses have been adopted, including the absence of a significant relationship and influence between the two research variables in the researched field. The research adopted the use of the descriptive and analytical approach in dealing with the theoretical and field data of its variables, as this approach is based on describing the situation and then combining it with its analysis, so that the process leads to drawing conclusions. The questionnaire was then used as the main tool for collecting data on the scientific side of the research, as more than (100) questionnaires were distributed to a sample of restaurant management in some first-class restaurants, and (65) were retrieved from them in a valid way for analysis, and several statistical methods were used in dealing with Data and research hypotheses testing. The research reached several results, including the existence of two linkages and influences between customer relationship management with its three elements and the marketing quality in the searched restaurants.