Using Uterine Biophysical Profile as a Predictor of Endometrial Receptivity and Pregnancy in Stimulated IUI Cycles


Implantation failure and disorders of endometrial receptivity represent an essential cause of infertility; multiple parameters were needed to predict the uterine receptivity understanding that no sole parameter could predict the same. A score was termed as (Uterine Biophysical Profile) could be utilized as a predictor of endometrial receptivity. To evaluate the predictive potential of Uterine biophysical profile of both endometrial receptivity and pregnancy outcome in infertile women undergoing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). The current cross-sectional study was conducted in the High Institute for Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Al Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq from the 1st of Oct. 2018 till 1st of May 2019 involving seventy women of infertile couples with the same inclusion and exclusion criteria. Uterine biophysical profile was evaluated using a doppler ultrasound examination and then a score was calculated and correlated to pregnancy outcome. The mean Uterine Artery Pulsatility Index (UAPI) was significantly lower in women with positive pregnancy in comparison to women with negative pregnancy, 2.10±0.19 versus 2.47±0.65, respectively (P=0.032). Moreover, no women with Pulsatility Index (PI) score (0) succeeded to get pregnant and the higher the score, the higher the rate of pregnancy (P=0.006). Furthermore, Spearman correlation showed significant positive correlation between positive pregnancy outcome and UAPI (r=0.365; P= 0.002). The mean total score was significantly higher for pregnant women than in women with negative pregnancy, 18.27±1.33 versus 16.35±2.47, respectively (P= 0.005). The cutoff value was >17 with an acceptable accuracy level of 74.2. The sensitivity of that cutoff vale was 80 % and the specificity was 65.5%. Uterine artery pulsatility index and total uterine biophysical score are the principal predictors of positive pregnancy outcomes in infertile women undergoing IUI.