The Effect of Oxidative Stress on Oocyte Characteristics and Pregnancy Outcome in a Sample of Iraqi Infertile Women Undergoing ICSI


Oxidative stress in the field of reproduction has been extensively considered in association with sperm properties and male infertility; in any case, the effect of oxidative stress in association with oocyte trademark got less thought than that of sperms. The goal of the study is to understand the possible association among serum and follicular oxidative markers in infertile women and oocyte characteristics and pregnancy result in ICSI cycles. The present case-control study included 57 infertile women undergoing ICSI that was done in the High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies at Al-Nahrain University. The assessment started in April 2018 and connected with March 2019. Mean metaphase II oocyte count of all women was 5.70±3.87, that of pregnant women was 6.90±3.68 and that of non-pregnant women was 4.46±3.73; there was a basic qualification in mean metaphase II oocyte check among pregnant and non-pregnant women (P = 0.016); being higher in pregnant women. The mean abnormal oocyte count of all women was 0.63±1.26, that of pregnant women was 0.28±0.45 and that of non-pregnant women was 1.00±1.68. Oxidative stress markers inside and out affected clinical pregnancy result (P < 0.05) and appear to impact clinical pregnancy bring about women undergoing ICSI due to its effect of oocyte characteristics.