The symbolic features of the modern Iraqi Drawing and its Representations in the products of the Art Educations Department students


This study consists of four chapters. The first chapter tackles the problem, importance and aim of the study . At the end of this chapter , the researcher has defined the relevant terminology . As for the second chapter, it involves the theoretical framework which is made up of two parts: the first part , however, touches upon the symbol in plastic arts while the second part deals with the Iraqi modern painting .It is to be mentioned that the researcher made reference to a previousstudy entitled (The surrealist Features in the modern Iraqi painting ) by the researcher Inas Ghazi Idan. As for the theoretical framework indicators ,they have been designated a afterwards .The third chapter community and sample . The sample , however, is composed of the output( products) by the students of the art-education department in the subject ''plastic project'' It amounts to (22) products of art . The three –product sample has been analyzed according to the research tool (the content-analysis form) As for the results , they have been set out in the fourth chapter. The most salient of which is that the students have used symbols that are identified with the culture of the society , The conclusions have been elicited in view of the results arrived at . This , however , signalizes the fact that that the products (output) by the students at the art education department have adopted the symbolic style through the use of the diagnostic .Islamic and , abstract-geometric symbols .As for the recommendations for warded, the researcher recommends that the students be well familiarized with modern schools of art through the show of films and /or documentaries about such schools.


Features, symbol, Iraqi