The role of UN Peacekeepers in the Settle International disputes


This study has tackled the role of UN Peacekeepers in the Settle International disputes, The study has shown that legal basis for its work is Chapter VII of Charter UN, Additionally, They constitute a decision from the Security Council based on the basic its functions of keeping the peace and security Under which the broad discretion has based on Article (39) of the Charter. The study has also proved that Intervention UN peacekeepers in International disputes is not inconsistent with the principle of State sovereignty; because the consent of Parties to the dispute is a prerequisite in their work, and then, it cannot proceed to its functions without formal acceptance from the states, also They also have the means which Settle International disputes, and means settle internal conflict, whether of a military nature as observers the cease-fire, protect the placed areas under the protection of UN, and disarmament and demining, or it may be a means of non-military as Supervision of the elections, national reconciliation and support the rule of law