The Impact of Entrepreneurial Vigilance on Ambidexterity Performance Applied Research in the Oil Products Distribution Company


The research aims to define the role of Entrepreneurial vigilance in its dimensions in improving the activities of the Entrepreneurial vigilance in its dimensions in the researched company. The importance of the research is also evidenced by assisting the oil products distribution company/session in directing the interest of the researched company because it has a prominent role in the Iraqi industrial community of the Entrepreneurial vigilance variable that contributes to Building a sustainable competitive advantage. This will happen when the company has an entrepreneurial orientation and a good strategic plan is built by the brilliant leaders in the research company. The researcher adopted the descriptive and analytical approach to complete the research, and the research community represented by the Petroleum Products Distribution Company was chosen from the administrative leaders, and the questionnaire was adopted as a main tool in the research based on personal interviews, field visits and personal observation, and the (SPSS v.23) program and the (Microsoft Office) program were used. 2010. The results show that there is an agreement of opinions of the sample (administrative leaders) that the products of the Oil Products Distribution Company enjoy a very good reputation in the markets and that the top management of the researched company is working to constantly satisfy the needs and desires of its customers through the application of Entrepreneurial vigilance and skilled performance in the company.