Study the level of application of total quality management strategies in industrial companies that apply the ISO 9001 system Analytical study at the general company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies Samarra


The aim of the research was to diagnose the situation in the General Company for Medicines and Medical Supplies in Samarra, which has an ISO 9001 certificate and the level of application of the fundamentals of total quality in this company. This goal emanated from a problem that it has become imperative for the company in question to work on completing the components and systems of quality in order to gain global acceptance according to internationally agreed quality standards and thus to be able to walk in the direction of globalization, which will accept only companies that are distinguished by quality in their products and services. To ensure the validity of the hypotheses and to achieve the research objectives, the research relied on many statistical methods such as measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, And the level of application and analysis of factors, and the research community consisted of an industrial company that applied the ISO system to study the level of application of the fundamentals of total quality using a questionnaire covering six basic principles, including quality requirements, quality tools, quality of production and services, and each principle contains five elements, One of the most important findings of the study is that the industrial company for the sample of the study applied to the ISO 9001 system does not apply all the fundamentals of total quality, and the fundamentals of total quality are linked between them despite not applying the fundamentals of total quality, and in light of the research results, a set of proposals has been developed. Among them is the necessity of making comprehensive and planned changes in the methods, concepts and methods of management in the companies of the industrial sector and not contenting themselves with the application of the international quality system ISO 9001.