Role Entrepreneurial Marketing In strengthening customer relationship management Analytical Study on Selected Sample of Private Banks in Salah Al-Din


The study aimed to determine the pioneering role of entrepreneurial marketing in promoting customer relationship management on a sample of private commercial banks in Tikrit, and the study included an intentional sample of (52) employees working in commercial banks. The study sample is launched from us a hypothetical model that takes into consideration the nature and dimensions of the relationship and the impact between The study variables represented in the dimensions of entrepreneurial marketing and the dimensions of customer relationship management, and guided by this model, main hypotheses were built that are the relationship and impact between the variables, and to test them, a set of statistical methods were used in the statistical analysis program (SPSS), and the study reached a number of conclusions, including proving its hypotheses and proposing a group Among the recommendations that focus on the important role that pioneering marketing plays in enhancing customer relationship management in commercial banks is the study sample.