Analyzing the impact of changes in gross domestic product on General spending in Iraq for the period( 2003-2016)


This research provides an analysis of the effect of shifts in gross domestic product on general spending in Iraq for the period 2003-2016. The descriptive approach and the econometric approach were used in building the model based on the Eviwes program in the analysis, and depend on the available data of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance in Iraq for the period under discussion, and by using the OLS method, and the equation was estimated, and the results showed that there is a statistical significance relationship al the level of significance of 5%, and that the value of of 74.35% refer that the change of gross domestic product interpret 74% of changing in general spending, and that the effect of the independent variable is a limited effect as shown that value of the estimated slope parameter in the model, which amounted to 0.74, and the study also recommended the need to activate the sectors of the non-oil economy by working to diversify the production base, reduce consumer spending and focus on activating investment spending that generates a double increase in national income, as well On finding common ground for coordination between both fiscal and monetary policy to stimulate the various economic sectors and between it contributes to stimulating and activating national production.