Estimate the parameters of the Generalized Goel-okumoto model using the Maximum likelihood and the shrinkage methods


By this research we will deal with the Generalized Goel- okumoto model parameters, since this model contains three parameters (α, β, ), that represents the time-rate function of the heterogeneous Poisson's processes, the parameters of this model will be estimated in two ways of estimating , the Maximum likelihood method as well as Shrinkage method , and to look for the best method the simulation method has used by selecting four different sample sizes (30, 60, 90, 120) in order to show the effect of the change in the volumes of different samples on the parameters consider estimated as well as Three initial values were imposed for each of the model parameters used in this research, and to do so the mean squares error was used, with the results showing that the shrinkage method is the best method of estimation.