Graphic sayings in judgment Credit cards


Credit cards are one of the most important and modern electronic paymentmethods that dispense with carrying cash and dealing with it, and these cardsare issued by a bank or institution for the benefit of customers, according towhich customers can deal with shops and buy their needs without paying anymoney and it is one of the most important electronic transactions, as it is a topThe development in exchanges between individuals, companies and various partieswithout carrying cash, therefore, the protection of electronic transactionswas a necessity of the successive technical development in the modern era dueto the development of communications and this protection is guaranteed by lawthrough procedural and objective rules.The topic of our research is one of the most important developments thatface the jurists, especially as it affects their economic lives, which Islam hasmade one of the purposes of the righteous legislation, and they have issuedtheir own fatwas for this, taking into account the renewed interests, temporalnorms, and the circumstances of the emergency and new calamities.