Groundwater pollution in Maysan governorate


The study aims to show the effect of natural and human factors on groundwater pollution in Maysan Governorate, based on the results of chemical analyzes of (72) wells, and the information obtained from the General Authority for Ground Water in the governorates of Baghdad and Maysan. As the groundwater is exposed to pollution due to the influence of natural and human factors, the same is the case with surface water even if after a period of time, especially since some wells are close to the surface of the earth, and this increases the chance of pollution of groundwater in the governorate.The study found the amount of water invested from groundwater wells and found the values of the upper, lower and middle limits of the concentrations of the constituent elements of groundwater and the percentage of pollution by comparing these values with the permissible limits in drinking water set by the Iraqi and international health organizations, and the study showed the existence of a temporal, spatial and high variance Pollution rates in all elements except for CO3, which calls for attention, caution and treatment for those water invested from groundwater wells in the governorate. The study came out with a set of results, recommendations and proposals that we hope to be taken into account.