Elections and the Legitimacy of Access to Government According to Contemporary Islamic Trends (( Contemporary Jurisprudential Study ))


The Great Imamate is one of the most important subjects in the Islamic Sharia because it is the guardian of this religion. It is the long hand to spread the religion and defend its borders from the mess as people's needs and benefits are subjects of the five requirements it became necessary for the Muslim society to have a leader that they invoke to give rights and stop harm They gather to support his imamate and mandate according to Sharia this is called the Grand Imamate according to the importance of this topic we studied this topic especially since the way of election and consultation became unrealized in most of the Islamic countries, and the new method of selecting governors is elections. The Islamic groups had different views on the legitimacy of the elections. Here, we had to show the simplicity of this contemporary view, considering that the other groups, who are not related to Islamic groups have no doubt that the elections are an unnegotiable process through which the leadership is chosen We reached an inevitable conclusion that the elections are a contemporary and legitimate way to select a leader and not far from the principle of consultation and allegiance. Also, the forbidden evidence is exaggerated and have hyperbole extremism in some choices of spreading the Islamic call in all areas and move away from the falsehood, even partially and gradually.