Spatial suitability for the distribution of event hall sites in Samarra for the year 2020


The research aims to give a detailed picture of the reality of the spatial distribution of event hall services and determine the degree of their spatial suitability for serving the population and area of residential neighborhoods in the city of Samarra for the year 2020, using the contemporary applied method that adopted the application of geographic information systems (GIS) technology, using many of its functions in the analysis process Spatial and building of spatial suitability models according to planning standards, and the study found clear deficiencies and defects in the spatial distribution of event hall services in the city, which made them take the convergent random pattern, as the calculated value of (R) reached (0.75), which leads to the weakness of the service provided , And that a percentage (68.49%) of the total area of the city is only served by the scope of the impact of event hall services, which indicates the size of the deficiency in the ideal coverage of this type of services and the need to build optimal spatial suitability models for their distribution