A New Coordinated Control of Hybrid Microgrids with Renewable Energy Resources Under Variable Loads and Generation Conditions


The hybrid AC/DC microgrid is considered to be more and more popular in power systems as increasing loads. In this study, it is presented that the hybrid AC/DC microgrid is modeled with some renewable energy sources (e.g. solar energy, wind energy) in the residential of the consumer in order to meet the demand. The power generation and consumption are undergoing a major transformation. One of the tendencies is to integrate microgrids into the distribution network with high penetration of renewable energy resources. In this paper, a new distributed coordinated control is proposed for hybrid microgrid, which could apply to both grid-connected mode and islanded mode with hybrid energy resources and variable loads. The proposed system permits coordinated operation of distributed energy resources to concede necessary active power and additional service whenever required. Also, the maximum power point tracking technique is applied to both photovoltaic stations and wind turbines to extract the maximum power from the hybrid power system during the variation of the environmental conditions. Finally, a simulation model is built with a photovoltaic, wind turbine, hybrid microgrid as the paradigm, which can be applied to different scenarios, such as small-sized commercial and residential buildings. The simulation results have verified the effectiveness and feasibility of the introduced strategy for a hybrid microgrid operating in different modes.