Modern Visions towards a Full-Fledged Comprehensive Curriculum


A curriculum is not merely a kind of book or books that is/are taught at schools. It should meet individual and society needs. Curriculum plans an individual’s gradual development throughout his/ her life within a certain society. Building the desired curriculum means building an individual and opening a way to a strong society, protecting it, and giving it the possibility and ability to stand the test of time. It is a policy that reflects various aspects: knowledgeable, philosophical, moral, intellectual, societal, among others to result in a positive change in people’s behaviour and in turn in their society’s status. It is also worth mentioning to say that a curriculum plays a crucial role in transmi�ng a society’s heritage and culture to upcoming generations. In addition, it has an impact on its development among other societies. Furthermore, this transmission happens through building individuals. The current paper tries to provide an answer to the question of what a curriculum should involve achieving what an individual and a society need. The following sub-questions are developed to present the problem of the current study and to reach the desired result: (1) what is a curriculum?, (2) what are the elements required to build a full-fledged comprehensive curriculum?, (3) what should a curriculum develop?, and (4) what is the role of society and its members in this process?. As part of a curriculum, teaching and learning English as a foreign language has been involved in the current paper. Accordingly, a questionnaire has been developed to explore and conclude the requirements for building a full-fledged comprehensive curriculum.