Finite Element Analysis of Cracked One-Way Bubbled Slabs Strengthened By External Prestressed Strands


Bubbled slabs can be exposed to damage or deterioration during its life. Therefore, the solution for strengthening must be provided. For the simulation of this case, the analysis of finite elements was carried out using ABAQUS 2017 software on six simply supported specimens, during which five are voided with 88 bubbles, and the other is solid. The slab specimens with symmetric boundary conditions were of dimensions 3200/570/150 mm. The solid slab and one bubbled slab are deemed references. Each of the other slabs was exposed to; (1) service charge, then unloaded (2) external prestressing and (3) loading to collapse under two line load. The external strengthening was applied using prestressed wire with four approaches, which are L1-E, L2-E, L1-E2, and L2-E2, where the lengths and eccentricities of prestressed wire are (L1=1800, L2=2400, E1=120 and E2=150 mm). The results showed that each reinforcement approach restores the initial capacity of the bubbled slab and improves it in the ultimate load capacity aspect. The minimum and maximum ultimate strength of strengthened cracked bubbled slab increased by (17.3%-64.5%) and (25.7%-76.3%) than solid and bubbled slab, respectively. It is easier to improve behavior with an increased eccentricity of the prestressed wire than to increase its length.