Measurable Mistakes in Architecture the Effect of Designer's Experience on the Propagation of Mistakes in Architectural Design - Residential Buildings in Al Sulaymaniyah City as a Case Study


The importance of physical and nonphysical architectural design values made architectural designers need good experience to be experts of architectural values reasonably without neglecting any value in the design process. The importance of such values made that ignoring any values and mistakes occurs in the design process. Simultaneously, architectural designers' different nature and the difference in their experiences are causing different understandings of the design values, thus causing architectural mistakes. The research problem appears from the randomly propagating of mistakes in contemporary architecture, which is about to become a phenomenon in Al Sulaymaniyah city. The research aims to find the main reasons and influences of making architectural mistakes and propagating such mistakes in the contemporary architectural design depending on randomly selected samples. The study took the factor of "Architectural Designers' Experience" as an influential factor in avoiding the propagation of architectural mistakes. To see architectural mistakes in real existing cases, the research took some of the different types of residential buildings in Al Sulaymaniyah city designed during (2000-2010) as case study to show architects' architectural mistakes in residential buildings.