The Effect of some discontinuities on rock Slope Failure in Some Selected Sites in Bammo Anticline


Field studies of the slopes of Bammo anticline, in Northeast of Iraq, was carriedout in five selects stations, where rock slopes and the discontinuities were surveyedin these stations and its relationships with failures were determined. The field workwas revealed the abundance of rock slope failures, the dominant types are rock falland toppling.Slope stability assessment was carried out by stereographic projection was madeusing software (GEOrient 9.5.0), the slopes were classified according to (Al-Saadi,1981), and the rocks were described in engineering terms according to (Anon, 1972)depending on field data. The study also revealed that the factors affecting slopestability in the study area were slope angle, height, dip of strata, and discontinuities.Some remedial measures are suggested for the unstable slopes, and the mostimportant removal of the detached block.