Heavy Metals Level Evaluation of Drinking Water Supply In Kirkuk City/NE of Iraq


An evaluation of pollution level has been done for drinking water which is usedin Kirkuk city by heavy metals ( As,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mn,Ni,Zn,Cr,Pb) samples werecollected during wet and dry of 2016-2017 from Kirkuk unified water suppliedproject (WTP) which is supply the city with drinking water, as well as from water oftanks type (GST2), and also from (tap water) (Zone3). The results showed theconcentration of the (As,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mn,Ni,Zn,Cr,Pb)inppbfor (WTP)are(0.5,0.6,6.45,38,4.6,2.5,6537,0.58,1.4) (0.6,0.8,6.76,46,5.5,3.5,6675,1,2.4) for (GST)(0.5,0.63,6.46,52.3,4.4,3.6,6550,0.6,2.5) (0.60,0.7,6.78,63.7,6.7,3.7,6680,1.1,2.6)and for tap water are (0.53,0.65,7.00,60.2,4.4,3.65,7200,0.8,2.7) (0.60, 0.71, 7.10,67.6, 6.8,3.75,7320,0.9,2.75) for two seasons respectively the concentrations arewithin the allowed limits by WHO just Zn is exceed the allowed limits . the level ofhealth risks were also assessed by using a number of indices (HQ)ing, (HQ) derm,(HI), (CR) ing (CR) derm for adult and children and for two seasons . (HI) value forZn show health risks this high value of (HI) for Zn make water undrinkable.