Oli and Gas Explorations via Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques for AL_Nasiriya


This study investigates data set as satellite images of type multispectral Landsat-7, which are observed for AL_Nasiriya city, it is located in southern of Iraq, andsituated along the banks of the Euphrates River. These raw data are thermal bands ofsatellite images, they are taken as thermal images. These images are processed andexamined using ENVI 5.3 program. Consequently, the emitted Hydrocarbon isextracted, and the black body algorithm is employed. As well as, the rastercalculations are performed using ArcGIS, where gas and oil features are sorted. Theresults are estimate and determine the oil and gas fields in the city. This studyuncovers, and estimates several unexplored oil and gas fields. Whereas, the real oiland gas exploration is high costly regarding to actual existed ones in proportional tohuman and equipment. For future, it is intended to perform domain oil and gasexploration in order to compare between the presented results of this study with theactual existed ones.